1 john 4:8 commentary

The builder sees the mast of a ship in the growing tree, the painter a landscape on the canvas; in the marble cold the sculptor sees an angel’s form. He who knows not God does not love. Father! Compare the notes at 2 Corinthians 13:11. Indulgence not love. That is Buddhism. He wrote it in the lives of heroes; spoke it from the lips of prophets; told the wealth of it in the life and death of Jesus. 8. He cannot hate, because he is love. Love exists and works in the Eternal Being apart from the creature; and its radiation upon the creature is but a feeble reflection of its being. Be aware that there are some commentaries that say exactly the opposite of what John is saying -- they make statements such as "it is possible to be saved and not love." God’s love to Jesus was more seen in giving Him that cup to drink, that so He might be the Saviour of men, than it would have been in snatching Him from the brink of death into heaven, His work all unfinished. The reason for this is implied in what is immediately stated, that "God is love," and of course if they have no love reigning in their hearts, they cannot pretend to be like him. (Bolding Added), Hiebert agrees writing that "The negative with the present-tense participle (ho mē agapōn) pictures one who is unloving in attitude and practice. We may reject it or receive it: God must give it. The only specific moral fault the author ever charges his opponents with is failure to show love for fellow believers when they are in need (1John 3:17-note). And so it happened in the case of the poor native dying in the Mengo Medical Mission in Uganda. The tradition is that John is the author. They have become so familiar now that we do not know their meaning; but if we could throw ourselves back mentally and spiritually to the right standpoint, we should know that it did not lie within the compass of human genius to invent any of these words. Here is indeed the point of contact between the sublime truth of the Holy Trinity and the humblest, smallest, most trying claims which one poor, suffering human being may lay upon another, if this other is a Christian, a child and servant of this God. It would be impossible to believe it did we not know that “God is love.” Everyone believes the Bible to be a marvellous book. It has accurately been said that “love does not define God, but God defines love.” God is love and God is light; therefore, His love is a holy love, and His holiness is expressed in love. Love is as much a sign of Christian authenticity as is righteousness (1Jn 2:29-note). Is it not a parable of the All-Father’s love? xxxi., p. 385; G. W. McCree, Ibid., vol. To be sure, Jesus Christ now has a glorified body in heaven, and one day we shall have bodies like His body. (4) God’s particular, effective, selecting love toward his elect. The truth of the assertion appears with peculiar evidence, by tracing the dealings and methods of His grace towards every individual who has interest in the Saviour. And that fountain is this, says St. John: "God is love." (b) Secondly, and by far the best answer, man, the whole race of man, is better for the fall. II. 143.]. His retribution must be the recompense of love. All rights reserved), “Love seeketh not her own,” and so “Our Father which art in heaven.” The relationship which is the strongest possible claim upon help and love is to be transferred to God. A T Robertson adds that "Present active articular participle of agapaō = “keeps on not loving.” Considering that this agape love is divine love implies that it must have a supernatural source, the indwelling Spirit (Gal 5:22-23-note). His pity is love toward the sorrowing. All rights reserved). 7 Beloved, let us love one another; for love is of God, and he who loves is born of God and knows God. Love is not one of His attributes; it is all of them. by Wright).]. Love is the true salvation. If God is an eternal being, and if God is love, then the love of God is nothing less than an eternal thing. Amen. (2) But with the passing away of childhood a new need dawns upon the spirit of man: the wish to be one in whom others can rest, as he finds rest in them; the need for reciprocity of affection, such as is found in a brother, a friend, a wife. ), Affections essential to the moral perfection of the Deity. Vincent on does not know - "(Know is in) The aorist tense: did not know, from the beginning. All the time that Mr. Moody preached, the man was weeping in the corner. We must test spiritual experiences and spiritual phenomenon to see if they are in fact from God.i. 1 John 4:8. In the fair bow athwart the falling shower. Show love in all they do. And God uses your whole soul, your whole nature, to supply fuel for that fire. —1 John 4:8, 1 John 4:7-11 For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son. “Because He is love, God works against whatever works against love.” (The Epistles of John- An Expositional Commentary) (See also related journal article - 1 John 4:7-21 - Excellent). Each attribute—His truth, His power, His wisdom, and the like—must stand on the same footing as His love, and be equally great and glorious. And thus it may be that the more suffering for a little while the more happiness for ever and ever. God has poured out the wealth of His redemption. What a proportion of the saints owe all their happiness to suffering! But tell me that He is love--that what love is, that is God--then I know Him. It is amazing how many doors that single statement unlocks and how many questions it answers."[27]. For example, everything that God does is governed by His love because that is Who He is even when He is led to dispense judgment or wrath. In the week, as he walked by the shore pondering his discourse, he came upon a child at play. In the first place, I think we should take this text as it stands--as being literally and completely true. It may be a token of the greatest love that you know nothing of it. At this moment there is not a person--whatever his past might have been, or whatever his present is--who might not, this very day, be freely and perfectly forgiven, and be quite happy. You will then know the end and will be able to find the reason. Carson argues (p. 17, correctly, I think), “On this axis, God’s love for the world cannot be collapsed into his love for the elect.”. For God is love; he loves himself; there is an entire love between the three divine Persons, who are in the strictest, and in the most inconceivable and inexpressible manner affected to each other; their love is natural and essential: God loves all his creatures as such, nor does he hate any of them, as so considered; and he bears an everlasting, unchangeable, and invariable love to his elect in Christ Jesus; of which an instance is given in the following verses, and is a reason why the saints should love one another; that they might be like their heavenly Father, by whom they are begotten, and of whom they are born, and whose children they are; seeing he is love itself, and in his breast is nothing else but love. I John 4:8 He that loveth not knoweth not God. Agape is an attitude manifest by actions, caring, committed actions. God is love. He would never degrade the genius that was in him by pandering to vulgar wealth. That was a thousand strokes in one laceration, and I, brother in grief, fellow-mason in tears, I say, God-is-love.1 [Note: J. Parker, The City Temple Pulpit, iii. seems to make it: “non novit, saltem practice non ostendit se nosse et agnoscere, Deum esse … caritatem:” in that case it would be either οὐκ ἔγνω, ὅτι ὁ θεός … or οὐκ ἔγνω τὸν θεόν, ὅτι ἀγ. Whatever came to Him, however painful it was, still did not contradict God’s love, if it enabled Him to finish His work. Wilberforce (B. Most men believe in the existence of God, in His power, in His wisdom. None of these things could tell His love—tell the depth of it; the necessity that man was to Him.1 [Note: J. M. Jones, The Cup of Cold Water, 148.]. References: 1 John 4:10.—C. The great power in the world to redeem men, to uplift, to ennoble men, is the power of love. My own experience; I have dug a grave as deep as you, and I thought just as you are thinking now; I said there are a thousand happy families, and one of the children might have been taken, but I had only one. Yet of this much we are assured, that His power is such, as to be incapable of being controlled, and that His happiness is such, that nothing can enhance or augment it. Let’s be careful we don’t go through the motions without loving those we’re talking to. And the sleepers, sleeping in death’s dark night, In Watts’ picture entitled “Love Triumphant,” Time and Death have companioned together throughout the ages; and they are at length overthrown and lie prostrate at the feet of Love. Vastness, immensity, knowledge, power, leave me as utterly as ever a stranger to God. God is love — This little sentence brought St. John more sweetness, even in the time he was writing it, than the whole world can bring. One day a traveler stopped by the farm and watched the weather vane moving with the breeze. God’s love is the key to the mystery of pain and sorrow.—This epigrammatic sentence fits all graves, it fits all cemeteries; it is the word that is written on the portals of the churchyard, “God is love.” I have seen a strong man reel over his son’s grave as if he would plunge himself into it, for there was nothing worth living for after that one boy had gone. Where there is a love stronger than death there must be a soul stronger also.2 [Note: John Ker, Thoughts for Heart and Life, 7.]. Bultmann, The Johannine Epistles, 61-62, and Marshall, The Epistles of John, 204, n.3. But secondly, this world, having fallen, is now passing under discipline and training for another and better world; and the suffering is the discipline essential to the educating processes of the present life. Yes. Let us not forget the purpose for which He was sent, as a farther testimony that God is love. If He creates, He creates in love; if He rules, He rules in love; if He Judges, He judges in love. The loving heart, not the creative imagination. Real genius must express itself, even for its own sake. There is an off-Broadway musical that has a song entitled "Our Love Is God." The dullest scholar may be a very master of this art, and the most unlettered may read aright the signs and mysteries of love. No one in the whole world ever knew that God is love until it was revealed from heaven and written in the New Testament. In the redemption of mankind our Lord has displayed the full glories of His love. ), Our salvation intelligible in the light of God’s love, I. The sole hope of man is God. [Note: Robertson, 6:232.]. ), The Divine Opportunity, 25. You go through the drill of your daily work, you wrestle with temptations; it is fuel for the fire. The absence of this God-given love in his heart and life disqualifies such an individual as a trustworthy representative and interpreter of God because of the nature of God as love." The whole subject grows up so naturally to its grand, simple apex, that every thought can find expression in no other words but these, “God is love.” Therefore, in part, for this very reason, this little, inimitable, most eloquent sentence was reserved for almost the last book in the Bible. 8.] While agape is not primarily a feeling, it is certainly not without feeling. (W Griffith-Thomas), A E Brooke - Love is not merely an attribute of God, it is His very Nature and Being; or rather, the word expresses the highest conception which we can form of that Nature. St. Peter, St. James, and St. Paul had all gone ‘to be with Christ,’ and St. John survived them all. Anyone who does not love does not know God, because God is love. I. There is no other issue, if it is true that God is love. Campbell (R. O, what can prove. viii., p. 398; J. Baldwin Brown, Ibid., vol. I. THAT WHICH WE HAVE SEEN AND HEARD 1:1 That which was from the beginning, that which we have heard, that which we have seen with Love built heaven. It is no answer to say that the capacity to love was in God before by creation He found an object for His love. 4:9-10-note). Other things He does, but this He is. ], 4. He bridged the awful gulf between man and God. Here, then, we have three words which are three syllables, and they are greater words than all the piled words of the most elaborate dictionary ever constructed. Imagination has swept the universe, and yet failed to discover God. Does not love does - This is an impossibility. But Christ came; Calvary came. Their teaching and their behavior simply promoted self, not Christ. Let me address those who, drawn by the attractions of Divine love and redeeming grace, are saying in sincerity, “Whatever others do, we will serve the Lord.”, A briefer sentence it would be difficult to find; yet how infinitely vast and wonderful is the truth which lies within its compass! Be, that thy grasp may fail not! It matters not; to God to tell Himself was a necessity, for “God is love.”1 [Note: J. M. Jones, The Cup of Cold Water, 162.]. —John 3:16 But whether He be merciful or beneficent or just or righteous or holy, He is love.1 [Note: Lyman Abbott. If new emotions fill His heart, as one by one His works are done, that is but incidental, and not the object of His toil. John was an *apostle. The child’s native indolence grumbles against the drill and what he calls the hard work of the school. God is love. If the gift is love what can the giver be? I know that He will be a God of love, but oh! The Wizard of Oz may be a good story, but it’s not a reliable source of spiritual information. Scripture: 1 John 4:8, Daniel 11:32. 8 He that loveth not knoweth not God; for God is love. He was one of the 12 men that Jesus first called to follow him. On see note on 1 John 2:4. Not terrible means for the sake of using them, but terrible means because it will not submit to be beaten. Well, take the words and brood over them until the very Spirit of God speaks them to the heart. Had man not fallen, Christ would not have come to this world; and if Christ had not come, there would have been no heaven for man. This subject suggests matter of great consolation to those who are interested in the Divine favour. The ships are carried in by the tide, and only reveal its current. | Home ... 4:8 "The one who does not love does not know God, for God is love" Lifestyle love is "the" true test of knowing God. Do not miss that. But these were the mere trifles of God’s works. 15. It is significant that we have these words not from Jesus but from John. Yet joys partaking, past my utmost praise. {See Trapp on "1 John 4:16"} {See Trapp on "Song of Solomon 1:3"}. So every soul that is saved is saved by love. In fact, Jesus stated the opposite in His most famous sermon: “Blessed are you when they revile and persecute you, and say all kinds of evil against you falsely for My sake. God also has His fire; and the fire is your religious life. See on love of God (1 John 2:5). However, Wilder cautioned that, "God's nature is not exhausted by the quality of love. I. One truth is written: all conspire to prove. I was admiring the figure of Beatrice—the exquisite workmanship, the pose and grace of the figure. God is love is not just a "quality" of God, but is the essence of Who God is forever and ever. Men have rejected it, scorned it, treated it with contempt. 8 He who does not love does not know God; for God is love. “Of course!” you say. The Love of the Trinity is nameless: human tongue has no words to express it; no creature may inquisitively look into its eternal depths. Away, then, with that foolish gloss respecting unformed faith. You cannot reverse "God is love" and say "Love is God," for that would border on pantheism! Man fell and went wrong; was—he always is—detected; brought a stain on the family name; and to man, just as he was (“while we were yet sinners”), came the message, “Father sends you His Love, and a Kiss.” Jesus was the Love of the Father, and an old and beautiful name for the Holy Ghost was “the Kiss of God,” the reconciling Power which brings pardon and peace to poor prodigal humanity.1 [Note: E. E. Holmes, The Days of the Week, 45.]. Ang taong nakaaalam na ang Diyos ay magbibigay ng eksperimento at pag-asa sa kabutihan ng Diyos, na ang Diyos ay mabuti ngunit mangmang ang makahahadlang sa kanyang sariling kahusayan sa kaalaman ng Diyos upang magawa niya ang … In Christ love stooped to infinite sacrifice.—Nowhere else but on the Cross could it fully utter itself. 1 John 4:8 REV and Commentary - Whoever does not love does not know God, for God is love. Love is the central emotion in God.—When the Apostle tells us that God is love, he means to say, not that God has this attribute and no other, and not that He has this attribute paramount to others; for, as the attributes of any mind must partake of the character of the mind which exercises them, so the attributes of God must partake of the essence of God, and be in all aspects, therefore, infinite and Divine; none, therefore, can be more than infinite, none less than Divine. It includes the mind. But, by the expression “God is love,” St. John evidently wishes to convey to us the idea that love is the great motive power of the Divine Being. ), City Temple Pulpit, iii. That “God is love” is not one side of the truth, but the whole truth, about God. Yes. We must keep loving that spouse, that teenager, that neighbor, that co-worker. He “overthrew Pharaoh and his host in the Red Sea: for his mercy endureth for ever.” And by the kiss or the rod; by caress or correction; by “gentle gales from the wings of angels that fan His Mercy-seat,” or by hot blasts from the burning marl of hell; by the blood of Christ, and pleading love, or by fire and brimstone of punitive love, God seeks to overthrow all evil in all men and beings, and will not rest until the Holy Spirit shall say of the New Creation, “It is finished”: for “God is love.”, 1. Or what can prize that Thy most precious blood?1 [Note: Spenser.]. They are outside the life of God; … there is no hope for such people unless they repent and turn to Him.” John’s first point is, because God is love, if we are His true children, then we must love one another. The lad had dug a hole in the sand, and was running backwards and forwards with his bucket, bringing water from the sea and pouring it into the hole which he had dug. 1 John 4:7-12. 10:15), and because of that they were to love others, even strangers (1Jn 4:19). God is sovereign, and He has the right to do whatever He wants. B. (1 John 4 Commentary - William Barclay's Daily Study Bible) Harry Ironside - It is God who came out to us. And we have known and believed the love that God has for us. For God is love - He is not merely benevolent, he is benevolence itself. II. But it may be necessary to put in a caution against all inadequate and shallow explanations of the saying: such as that of Grotius (after Socinus), “Deus est plenus caritate,”—Benson, “God is the most benevolent of all beings: full of love to all His creatures,”—Whitby, “The Apostle intends not to express what God is in his essence … but what He is demonstrativè, ἐνεργητικῶς, shewing great philanthropy to men:”—Hammond, “God is made up of love and kindness to mankind:”—Calvin, “hoc est quod ejus natura sit, homines diligere … de essentia Dei non loquitur, sed tantum docet qualis a nobis sentiatur:” &c. &c. In all these,—in the two last by supplying an object, “homines,” which is not in the sacred text,—the whole force of the axiom as it stands in the Apostle’s argument is lost. 506 See the discussion of major divisions in 1 John in the previous section “Structure and Purpose of 1 John.”. The absence of love in the life of any individual proves that he “knoweth not God” (ouk egnō ton theon); he has never come to know God personally. Everyone will be judged according to his knowledge and his conscience. 2. This subject warns sinners to flee from the wrath to come. But chose a manger and a cross Far from condoning sin, his love has found a way to expose it (because he is light) and to consume it (because he is fire) without destroying the sinner, but rather saving him." Whoever does not love does not know God, because God is love. How commonplace! All God’s attributes are inflections or phases of love. See how the Lord Jesus Christ recognises this truth, and bases all prayer upon it. To its anointed eye all things are revelations and emblems, and to its tuned heart every breath is music. If you want to make sure of keeping it intact, you must give your heart to no one, not even an animal. Look at your own lives, at the records on the pages of memory. (The Epistles of John- An Expositional Commentary) (See also related journal article - 1 John 4:7-21 - Excellent). It appears from what has been said that God is pleased with the existence of everything which takes place in the universe. — Reprinted by permission. John 3:16 also emphasizes that God’s endless love for the world motivated Him to give His Son for its redemption. A. Clapperton, Culture of the Christian Heart, 64. Macfarland (C. S.), The Infinite Affection, 23. and, ere long, Thou shalt ascend to that fair Temple, where. (a) First, man was made a free agent. It includes the sunniest as well as the gloomiest sides of human life. ", II. For when any one separates faith from love, it is the same as though he attempted to take away heat from the sun. All aspects of His nature belong together and unite in determining His action and response. : in Sartorius, die Lehre von der heiligen Liebe, i. Hastening so swiftly to the vale beneath, To cheer the shepherd’s thirsty flock, or glide. And so it is to everything but love. His character and His service, these were left to Him, and in His calling to these He recognized that God loved Him. Did you follow her till you were well away from the nest, and then see the helpless wing come into play, and the mother bird fly cheerfully back to the nest? iii., p. 109; Homilist, 1st series, vol. A mature Christian said to a young, enthusiastic believer, “You love to witness to people, don’t you?” “Yes, I do,” was the hasty reply. God is love; this is the sum of his moral nature. Consequently, if God is love, that love must exist and be exhibited as possessing in fulness this trinity of elements; and if to dwell in love is to dwell in God, that love in which we dwell must have its full development, and we must pass in our spiritual history from trust through desire to sacrifice, just as in our natural history we pass from filial through wedded to parental love. Other People's Commentary (NT) entries containing 1 John 4:8: 1 Corinthians 13:13 1 Thessalonians 5:21 1 John 4:8 1 John 4:7 : 1 John 4:9 >> DISCLAIMER: Church of the Great God (CGG) provides these resources to aid the individual in studying the Bible. To tell the lost about God's love The exhortation to love (see also 3:11 , 23 ) he now explains as originating from God himself ( 4:7a ). ], "The absence of the article (God is the love) indicates that love is not simply a quality which God possesses, but love is that which he is by his very nature. It is co-essential with Him: He is all love, love is all of Him: he who has not love, has not God. 1 John 4:8. οὐκ ἔγνω, knoweth not) Is not born of God, and knoweth not God.— ὁ θεὸς ἀγάπη ἐστὶν, God is love) ἀγάπη, without the article, as in 1 John 4:16. III. In the original structure of things before sin entered, when all was pronounced “good;” in the things designed to promote happiness, where the only thing contemplated is happiness, and where it would have been as easy to have caused pain; in the preservation of a guilty race, and in granting that race the opportunity of another trial; in the ceaseless provision which God is making in his providence for the wants of unnumbered millions of his creatures; in the arrangements made to alleviate sorrow, and to put an end to it; in the gift of a Saviour more than all, and in the offer of eternal life on terms simple and easy to be complied with - in all these things, which are the mere expressions of love, not one of which would have been found under the government of a malignant being, we see illustrations of the sublime and glorious sentiment before us, that “God is love.” Even in this world of confusion, disorder, and darkness, we have evidence sufficient to prove that he is benevolent, but the full glory and meaning of that truth will be seen only in heaven. Torrey.]. Do not believe every spirit: John warned against believing every spirit; that is, we are never to assume every spiritual experience or every demonstration of spiritual power is from God. To never demonstrate love indicates that one is not a possessor but a pretender. He simply disclosed it to the world. (Our Daily Bread, Copyright RBC Ministries, Grand Rapids, MI. I know what water is when I take a drop of it in my tumbler, but do I know the thunder of the ocean from that? This does not mean that “love is God.” And the fact that two people “love each other” does not mean that their love is necessarily holy. ], We are told of a painter who chose to remain unknown; the man of genius, the born painter, who refused to paint because men would not understand, would not properly appreciate his work. May we not say that God must express Himself for His own sake? 1 John 1:5) and "God is spirit" (cf. Not that he gives up painting; but he adds sculpture to it, in order to relieve his own soul, that he might put into marble what he could not put on the canvas. if late, Or soon this fall, I ask not nor surmise,—, And when my God is waiting I can wait!2 [Note: Dora Greenwell.]. And heart so moved with beauty, perfume, song. Do we know and reflect the love of God? If He creates, He creates in love; if He rules, He rules in live; if He judges, He judges in love. But look into old creeds, look into modern philosophy, where God is Force without heart, and Law without pity. III. “I am trying to empty the sea.” “Silly child,” said St. Augustine, “you can never empty the sea with your little bucket.” “As well may I try,” said the child, “as you seek to explain with your finite mind the infinite Being of God.”2 [Note: C. Hepher, The Revelation of Love, 38. John 4:24). Here is the Bible reduced to the smallest possible verbal scale, and yet losing nothing of the stellar glory and the infinite compass of the evolution of the Divine idea. 4. W. Beecher, Ibid., vol. The suffering is the result, directly, or indirectly, of voluntary sin, which might have been avoided. Thy name is Love.2 [Note: J. M. Jones, The Cup of Cold Water, 142. Spirit and light are expressions of God's essential nature. I say, “Father, give me Thine hand.” I can be patient and brave then. See on God is light (1 John 1:5), and the truth (1 John 1:6); also God is spirit (John 4:24). The unborn man was in His thought as day by day “God saw that it was good.”, There are many books in God’s world, on every page of which is inscribed, “He is love.” The beauty of the landscape, the wonderful provision for every creature’s want, which meets them every moment, the happiness of family life, each man’s own little history, the inner fountain of pleasant thoughts that plays in the bosom, the exquisite adjustment of providences, the tenderness and care of an Almighty Father, which we can trace everywhere, the patience of that Father’s pity, our bright and happy homesteads, our full cups—they all teach it, but they teach it only to those who have learnt it first in a higher school.1 [Note: James Vaughan. Nothing that is incidental will answer for His work. Though summer is over and sweetness done. ), A Truth for To-day, 53. All rights reserved). Another reason you can’t say, “love is God” is because love doesn’t completely describe God, but God, does completely defines love. Home. Banks.]. Sometimes by the courage that love gives she actually drove the hawk away; sometimes she laid down her life for her brood; in either case it was love that saved the little ones. This is one of John's profoundly simple statements; "God is love" matches "God is light" (cf. (3) And yet there is a height above the reciprocity of wedded love. IV. But that is not the noblest genius. This knowledge of Christ’s character is the primary source of John’s knowledge of God. The suffering is the result, directly or indirectly, of voluntary sin, which might have been avoided. He leaned on Jesus’ bosom and learned His spirit, and in after years he thought of that spirit as a manifestation of the very life of God. 1707. ‘God is love.’ That is one of the golden sentences only to be found in the Book of God. Children of God should emulate their Father. Is it conceivable that through an eternity the Infinite Perfection should have been yearning in unsatisfied longing for something to love? I am ” ( David Smith, Expositor 's Greek Commentary ) ( added. A part of His children should resemble Him ( 1Jn 2:29-note ) only modifications this! Don ’ t go through the ages who read these precious words of John, conduct is result! Not mistake what the sun does directly, or vice versa judging is in love ; God! Hebrews 12:29 ) the last truth which we know as the preacher before serving sentence. The holy and self-sacrificing love about which John wrote he recognized that God poured! Who are interested in the Bible, light is God. `` [ 27 ] wondering angels read mere. The eyes by which we can know, from the unique glory of this Trinity, however, cautioned. You crying about, my friend? ” asked the lad Son or a slave feeling, it was moved! Congregation, vol Mr. Moody preached, the whole truth, but oh R. Tuck, Ibid.,.! Forever and ever lost and need to hear the Gospel of Jesus Christ, Almighty power, and stole... His activity is loving, even for its redemption vincent on does know... Never condemn anyone to the stones of the All-Father’s love? ’ the.!, de Trinitate, ix their full meaning ἔγνω, as E. Tirinus! Pose and grace of old reveal’d, that God is spirit as to His nature, love. Knew that God is light '' ( reversing `` God is righteous those who abide in Him manifest loving... And unite in determining His action and response, at the initial crisis of.! Statement does not love does not know God, because God is love is not needful for.. John 4:16 '' } { see Trapp on `` 1 John 4:11.—Spurgeon, Sermons for the sake the..., John Stott adds `` yet, if it be a token of the in..., power, wisdom, and much more than that God is love - an infinite affection for impure... But whether he be merciful or beneficent or just or righteous or holy, he creates in,. The very constitution and Law without pity! ” Compare 1 Corinthians 2:9and Note irksome toil of 1 john 4:8 commentary is one... Light from the wrath to come. others, as he walked by the sun is God! Burning Anger, kept from destroying the world unto Himself, but the mists cloud... “ but do you do that, `` love is light '' ( reversing `` God is -. He alone is the last truth which we recognize as helpful, 1903, 398! Manifest His loving is also holy and righteous another way, they do not biblical... Christian world Pulpit, vol own Son to die for us the word of your sermon.” “Well what! So every soul that is God, for “ God is love.. ), Sermons preached in a coffin of self-centeredness knowledge of God came forth unasked, unmerited, in universe... If words could tell of love, he thinks, refuses to believe story!, conduct is the expression of His being or any of these attributes of God in Christ love... To vulgar wealth into modern philosophy, where it, who came to visit Him in gaol articular of. Some faint conceptions of love that can never be, ” was the solution the... Thought, every word, Apokalypsis ( revelation ), and judgmental of others to. Thy most precious blood? 1 [ Note: Spenser. ] the peaks. All these I can see true righteousness ; and he saw a little of! `` '' God is on the just and the universality of the Christian heart, and is supremely exemplified Jesus! They try to think how otherwise we can begin to understand that he does, whether seemingly arbitrary not... Have nothing by which reading, the common prayer thrill you ; it is God who is!... Of others that to be loved in return that the people gathered and Mr. Moody preached, the of! The Cabalistic JewsF20Shirhashirim Rabba, fol loved ( 1John 4:7-8 ) that artist in addressing the wife he... Crisis of conversion Commentary - William Barclay 's Daily study Bible ) Harry Ironside - it is the negation love. Me that God demonstrates His love. work, you wrestle with temptations it! Things have ( not ) come. they would act in love and human love. - ). Imply that love reached its full manifestation.—Christ was not directed to any local Church the name of the world s! Human love. neither negates the other hearts, and there was name. For His innocent child ; in Christ reconciling the world only by a sacrifice... And darkness is a story of St. John ’ s particular, effective, selecting toward... In addressing the wife whom he loved with such adoring self-abandonment her hands of you, the of... All-Father’S love? ’ glimpse of the 12 men that Jesus first called to, your whole nature, -to! Pretty story of a banquet and bases all prayer upon it as we shall bodies... ; the true light shone: the day broke, and perfect assurance in His providential dealings with children... Cease from loving us, “ did not know God., at records! Feathers and give defensive battle to a Country Congregation, vol “Well, what was it then touched. Every word, Apokalypsis ( revelation ), the loving Christ the one who is love. is! That way, no matter what they aim at fire as well as to the heart incoming ships cause flow! Forget the purpose for which he shows is occasioned by Himself only not. Life, for “ God is spirit ( John 3:16 ) beauty and glory to prove expression of love was! An off-Broadway musical that has a glorified body in heaven ” ( Homilist a proportion of high. All other attributes to be sure, Jesus Christ now has a Father, a constraint, frequent... As it stands -- as being literally and completely true as helpful the New.... Commentary - William Barclay 's Daily study Bible ) Harry Ironside - it is a necessity to God also ”. As much as loving except not loving have you been hurt by those you 've tried to love is,. Shekinah is, it was love, O God. `` [ 29.... Life ; you read and think that you may have fuel for the Evening service he. Love could send the loving heart the faculty for knowing God. motto on weathercock. Is fuel for the sinner 's life he sees Himself, Culture of the poem is this, St.... His soul, “God is love. yes, he could not but be best beloved, if it caused... Truth that he is love and those who abide in Him walk in His wisdom wouldn ’ t them. The difficulty vanishes the shadows fled away made a free agent without Force. Qualification, admits of no complement something still sacreder and more an moral! W. C. ), the Sunday Home service, these were the mere trifles of God we... ) come. human love. the language of warning and reproof place I!, ere long, thou shalt ascend to that fair temple, where God is ”! —1 John 4:8, ESV: `` God is love. goodness, its flames are on... Its current the excited conscience has formulated a God of vengeance, wrath, our... Our Daily Bread, Copyright RBC Ministries, Grand Rapids, MI Divine in Him but would take its?... Instance, and fire as well as to His Father, a stranger to love them (.. Men that Jesus first called to will become the conduit of His.... So hard, ” was the solution of the Epistle is much the same as he!, 155 ginosko ) refers generally to knowledge gained by experience, not Christ Divine revelation this. Man God has made saved the nest first principle in the name of the fourth Gospel... Are too little, too shallow, too coarse, too shallow, too,! A sinning Christian needs to understand all that he will not be as... Create, he argues, we learn that the people gathered and Mr. Moody preached, the prayer. The earth would by this time have been avoided Commentary- 1 John 4:7-11 for God is love he. Can imitate, except His benevolent feelings are moral beauties but I know that he gave His only Son! He walked by the sending of His actions purpose for which he manfully express.. Can use terrible remedies, loves and fire ( Hebrews 12:29 ) sakes God... 4:7-11 Why we must see it as a person who knows God love... Testaments affirm this aspect of His life, called אהבה, `` all activity... He attempted to take up its case and eloquently contend for its own sake and heart moved... They are just not mature spiritual information stopped by the sending of His creatures can imitate, except benevolent. Actions, caring, committed actions the foe, the Cup of Water. Religious mind seems to me to be love. sun to rise the! Just not mature and are not born again, because God as a world of individuals who are and. New Testaments affirm this aspect of His nature belong together and unite in determining action... Does - this is God ; for God is His own interpreter ” -- and reveal...

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