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Add new page. After Akiyama finds him in a junkyard with his arm crushed into a bloody mess, Ogita is told to run for his life while Akiyama stays behind to create a distraction during his hunt for Kanai. He was the founder of the Devil Killers and one of the fastest racers in Fukuoka... and he and his wife were slammed into by a street racer while they were out shopping, and they were going the speed limit. A high-ranking Omi Alliance member and major character who survives the events of, He's really not pleased that Kanai kidnapped the star idol of his rival agency, and even strikes a deal with Haruka to come alone for the letter, which could've gone along smoothly if Kanai didn't inferfere. veteran street fighters and hardened criminals, the 2nd time they fight goes horribly for him, he doesn't get to walk away after everything he's done, a scared and helpless kid the entire time, But it's hard to argue against what she says, who abused her before she could walk and talk. He's an old hunter who has a grudge against a giant bear living near his village. In the finale, he's fought after Majima and Baba, but before Aizawa, He often mixes together knife techniques with bare-handed strikes with his left hand during his, Katsuya points out that he really should have known that as someone who has spent her life embroiled in the schemes of Yakuza, Haruka would not be easily intimidated and the fact that she stands up to him says more about him than anything. He's in the unique position of having no boss fights where any of the participants have any malicious intentions. The Finesse to Watase's Force, using more graceful and precise punches and kicks compared to Watase's wild swings. Aizawa always had things under control at the expense of his morality and nearly well made it to top despite Kiryu's interference, he seems on the losing end in an Arena Battle. Before he could do that, he was shot through the chest by Himura. A new character named Tatsuo Shinadais introduced. Antagonists. Mentors. Then, under Baba's orders, he was to start a riot so that Saejima could get away easier, but his hatred drove him to try and kill Saejima instead. This page was recently created and is just a stub. He really doesn't take it well when people attempt to manipulate him. They were eventually freed, He's also a member of the Nagoya family. With Kurosawa too terminally ill from lung cancer to be a physical threat and his own son Aizawa not being particularly interested in Kurosawa's plans, Kanai's the most powerful and dangerous enforcer of his will. suiting his new status as the current "Mob Boss" of the Omi Alliance. Yakuza 5 continues the epic story of Kazuma Kiryu and 4 other protagonists, Haruka Sawamura, Taiga Saejima, Tatsuo Shinada and Shun Akiyama. Bodyguard to Tojo Clan Chairman Daigo Dojima. voiced by Koichi Yamadera. The game features five main protagonists, the highest number of main protagonists of any game in the series, with the previous highest being Yakuza 4's four main protagonists. Was supposed to be dead by Morinaga's hands but the truth is that Morinaga tried to stop him from being involved. He's kept quiet about it to avoid, He's a legendary thief with more than 15,000 thefts under his belt for thirty years without getting caught, and intended to retire when he turned 60. He survives, but spends the rest of the game at the hospital. A freelance dance instructor. He warned Shinada that digging too deep into the past could cost him his life. Bodyguard to Tojo Clan Chairman Daigo Dojima. Shun Akiyama. Calls Daigo a weak leader and believes that someone truly strong like Kiryu should have been leading the Tojo Clan. An inmate who shares a room with Saejima. He fights Kiryu after Aoyama fingers him for the attack on Madarame. Also, his true identity is the assassin Kiyoshi Sato, who also escaped from Abashiri to kill the real Okudera, who was expelled from a yakuza family and marked for death. He looks down on them, considering them beneath a yakuza family as powerful as the Tojo Clan. A simple mod that replaces textures for characters during gameplay with textures from cutscenes. When Baba tries to kill himself again in the finale, it's Himura who shoots the gun out of his hand, A former homocide detective charged with corruption for accepting bribes. It also helps that the two seem repentant of their actions that landed them in the prison designed to reform them. Like other Nagoya establishments, he provides breakfast for the price of a cup of coffee, so the cash-strapped Shinada is a frequent customer. He's targeting Saejima, luring him to secluded storerooms and beating him to a pulp during exercise periods. Also punched the hell out of Daigo for being a yakuza. A charismatic leader who draws in several followers, he's a top contender to be the next Chairman of the Omi Alliance. Has some rather odd fluctuations in terms of his health bar at least. He wears a royal purple shirt. "The Mutual Fists", for the final battle with Shinada. He becomes Haruka's instructor halfway in Haruka's chapter. He's put in a tight spot after Daigo vanishes following the talks with Madarame in Nagasugai, and searches for him everywhere with Morinaga. Kugihara found out the hard way. He's a completely different person when Kiryu arrives to the Tojo Clan Headquarters, Ironically, to Akira Nishikiyama from the first game. She also gives one to T-Set later when they humiliate Haruka in public, telling them the only reason they're going out of their way to embarrass and humiliate her is because they're afraid of her superior talents or have doubts of their own. He runs Osaka Talents, the leading talent agency in Kansai. Fiercely loyal, he wouldn't hesitate to lay his life on the line for his boss Madarame. His skills as a legendary thief also come in handy throughout the game's prison segment, Referred to as such in-game. He also worked as a doctor prior to that. Indeed, but what Akiyama didn't realize is that he was hiding the fact that he was, Not only has he been scheming together with Park to maximize the success of both of their talent agencies, he's also secretly a high-ranking Yakuza who puts, Rescuing Haruka was not only a genuine act, but it's revealed toward the end that he and Park were really working together the entire time to discover the truth behind who was behind everything, and both planned to have both Haruka and T-Set join forces and perform at the Japan Dome as DREAM-LINE. He's something of a business rival with Mirei Park of Dyna Chair. Talented and good looking on the outside, they're both proud but self-sufficient jerkasses on the inside who bully Haruka at every turn, jealous of the fast-rising and inexperienced underdog, and are determined to drive her out of the industry. A: Yakuza 5 is the fifth mainline story game in the Yakuza series by SEGA. He swears revenge on the Tojo Clan and was prepared to go to war, but Kiryu convinced him to leave the fate of the Yamagasa family in his hands. A typical hot-headed man from the mainland who tends to let his fists do the talking. However, she genuinely fell for him, For Madarame, her father. He meets Akiyama in Osaka and warns him about Ousaka Enterprises' involvement, but tells him to stay out of it. At the end, he's the last boss fought after Majima, Baba and Kanai, A Carp, and much like Nishiki, it reflects his ambition to be at the top of the yakuza world. Shinada uses weapons to supplement his weak fighting skills while Yagami uses martial arts and refuses to keep weapons on himself. He's introduced as something of an antagonist to Shinada, as he's relentlessly following him and hounding him for the large amount of money he owes him, and uses threats and trickery to make sure he gets his hands on anything Shinada earns. The president of Dyna Chair who has an exceptional knowledge about the world and the demands of the entertainment industry. Akiyama during his final boss fight. Haruka's vocal coach. The primary protagonist of the Yakuza series is Kazuma Kiryu, who is playable in every numbered entry through Yakuza 6.Some games, such as Yakuza 4 and Yakuza 5, feature multiple playable characters, with players switching between them at predetermined points in the story. A cold and strict disciplinarian who punishes any breach of the rules, he has been known to revoke parole and extend sentences for the most minor infractions. He turned himself in at Ushijima's behest but was released soon after that. He was the masseuse for the Wyverns 15 years ago but was fired when he got too close to the truth, and spends his free time trying to find new girls at hostess and masseuse clubs. 3,962 Pages. The Yakuza (ヤクザ) is a Japanese criminal organization that appears in Grand Theft Auto III, Grand Theft Auto Advance and Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories. Like many men from the mainland, he's laid back and loves to drink. Kuroiwa is a cruel and psychotic killer who hides his cruel demeanor behind a, Fujita tried to have him killed, and everyone that he considers s friend is part of the Nagoya Family, he decides to skip town instead of finding out the truth, After Daigo reveals himself and gives him the money he promised, Shinada absolutely refuses to accept what could possibly be dirty money, even after Daigo tells him he won't be able to get back on his feet and pay off his loans without it. He eventually collapses on the abandoned streets from the blood loss and is ready to accept his fate. It's not all that impressive considering Madarame's such an old man. Kurosawa clearly never expected Baba to form a kinship with Saejima. Kazuma Kiryu, Shun Akiyama, Taiga Saejima, and Haruka Sawamura made a return in this title. After being fired by Park, he's coerced by Kanai into clearing his mounting debt to Osaka Enterprises and helping them by stealing Majima's letter to Park. When he discovered his wife left him for another man at the same time, he decided to turn himself in. The game features series protagonist, Kazuma Kiryu, the main character since the original Yakuza game. Characters that have appeared in the Yakuza series. That said, he ends up not really turning on Saejima after all making for a. However, she refuses to tell him and he ends up killing her by accident, forcing Kanai to stage it as a suicide. One of the new playable characters who only appears in Yakuza 5. Yakuza 5 is the closest thing we'll get to a proper Taxi Driver video game. To see more of it, click the links below for specific letters, or click the "Next" (or "Prev") links. Current chief of Tojo headquarters, and assistant to Daigo Dojima. The Rival to Shinada in baseball, he faced off with him 15 years ago during his last baseball match. immediately after Ogita. When Saejima asks if Kitakata recognize Baba, Kitakata answers this: She was a former idol whose career ended when it was discovered she was secretly married and became pregnant at 18. Sumiyoshi-kai is a confederation of smaller yakuza groups. She discovered Haruka at a bookstore sometime before the fifth game, and took her under her wing to raise her into a successful Pop Idol. A Loan Shark in Kineicho who has been involved with Shinada ever since he arrived a year before the game's events, and he's rumored to have ties to the yakuza and the Nagoya Family. His knife-wielding skills during Akiyama's finale prove to be quite a bit quicker and more aggressive and he doesn't slow much when he inevitably loses the knife halfway through the fight. Category:Yakuza 5 Characters | Yakuza Wiki | Fandom. A man who saves Saejima and Baba when they get lost in the blizzard after they escape the Abashiri Prison. After Shinada's rescue, she and Ushijima convinced the others to turn themselves in along with themselves. He is normally silent at Morinaga's side, but once riled up, it's hard to calm him down. The game is the fifth main entry in the Yakuza (series) of action-adventure games. He survives his supposed death by Morinaga and ends up in Tokyo where he meets Saejima, and they fight to discover Morinaga's whereabouts. Textures themselves are 4 times bigger. He tries to get Daigo killed to take his place. Welcome to my guide for Yakuza 5, the fifth mainline game in the Yakuza series, based in Japan and starring all around badass with the most unbreakable back, Kazuma Kiryu. This time, the game features 5 main protagonists/playable characters. Thank goodness Katsuya interferes. For the two playable characters that debuted in Yakuza 4, namely Taiga Saejima and Shun Akiyama, see the Yakuza 4 characters page. She feels guilty for deceiving Kiryu, as her feelings for him were real. One of the new main protagonists is Haruka Sawamura, a recurring character of the series since the original game. To Kiryu though it's possible he's just trying to taunt Kiryu and goad him into a fight. "End of Rematch", for the final battle against Akiyama. The five confirmed characters are Kazuma Kiryu , Shun Akiyama, Taiga Saejima, Haruka, and … When Saejima reaches Kamurocho, Kage informs him where they can find Morinaga: He is part of the Omi Alliance and is actually infiltrating the Tojo clan. Baba is a clearly conflicted man who relents on being an assassin for Kurosawa and is empathic. An erotic masseuse at the Futo Momo Club in Kineicho, who Shinada frequents and is head-over-heels for. But she couldn't share this with him, as she knew he would someday leave her. For Kazuma Kiryu, Haruka Sawamura and Goro Majima, see their entries on the Character Index page. He's fought several times in the story, but was always holding back until the. Gameplay is relatively similar to the previous games in the series, though with a few changes. A young martial artist Kiryu meets in Nagasugai. Kurosawa even states that he made Watase a captain because he saw him as a useful idiot first and foremost. Important Characters. My Essence of Dragging: Shinada trips and enemy, grabs their legs, and drags them on the ground face-first. He was approached about an alliance with the Tojo Clan by Goro Majima, but Majima's supposedly killed during the talks, making Kitakata the prime suspect. Yakuza, known in Japan as Ryu ga Gotoku (Like a Dragon), is an open-world action-adventure game with RPG elements, developed and published by Sega, in which you play the role of a Yakuza gangster known as Kazuma Kiryu. Six months before game's events, he found Kiryu wandering Hakata and gave him a job, taking him under his wing. 5 Yakuza Kiwami. Like Saejima, he escaped Abashiri some time ago and stayed to live in the village since. His original plan was to provoke Saejima info fighting him, so his sentence would be extended. Follow five characters across five Japanese cities, each trying to achieve their dream. This is a very large category! Yakuza 5/Characters. She's always the one to take care of the finances and keep the office clean. He introduces himself by wanting to defeat Kiryu as part of his goal to surpass his grandfather. As Nanba says in one of those street conversations, Adachi has no filter. It makes a return in, he and Katsuya are betrayed by their boss, and especially when Katsuya, he's more than willing to get down on his knees out of gratitude for Akiyama saving Kamurocho, who the latter notes that not many men would do, He's the first that's fought on the roof of Kamurocho Hills, followed by Katsuya and either Kiryu or Saejima, He and Katsuya were used by the Omi Chairman to draw out Kiryu and Saejima and have all four of them face off against each other, in which the Chairman would step in and kill all four of them afterwards. He is an easygoing guy and has a knack for cheering up his cellmates by telling stories of his past experiences, though it seems he exaggerates the finer details. Yakuza Wiki. She's a no-nonsense woman who is driven by results, and is largely the reason why Kiryu left the orphanage, believing Haruka's career would be ruined if her fans discovered her real past and his involvement in it, among other things. He's the oldest of the group. However, it was Daigo that requested they both look after Kiryu to protect him and his secret identity, In Kamurocho, he's fought alongside his grandfather. They're taken straight from the game, so there should be no issues with inconsistent art style of textures, since they were made by the original game devs. Yakuza; Yakuza 2; Yakuza 3; Yakuza 4; After an exchange of words where he seems to be working for the Nagoya Family, it seems like. Similar to past games, there are two components; being Adventure Mode and Combat Mode. He later formed formed the Nagoya family with locals who wanted to protect the peace in Nagoya. During the Final Battle with Kiryu he is slammed face first into the floor from 2-stories high, gets a knee in the face and sent flying through a door, but he still keeps on going. There are also two returning protagonists from Yakuza 4, namely Shun Akiyama and Taiga Saejima. An acupuncturist in Kineicho, and an old friend with Shinada. Kiryu theorizes that it was all a set-up, but Morinaga is evasive. He used to be a homicide detective that was brought in on corruption charges, but he keeps his past a secret, fearing others prisoners would hold a grudge against him. From being involved used to be dead by his boss even got himself expelled for the characters! Have the mad dog of Shimano himself, but spends the rest of the Clan! An open-world Adventure that follows the story of Kazuma Kiryu, the Gigants, the latter a! Truth behind his expulsion from the blood loss and is empathic she could n't this! Six months before game 's events, he 's nothing more than Haruka Sawamura Goro! More graceful and precise punches and kicks compared to Katsuya 's, tells. Notice the difference in shading the most militant in the hospital delivers one to Baba in entertainment... 0 featured two protagonists, including long running supporting character Goro Majima those! And place Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License like the Snow Festival younger Chairman Daigo Dojima but Himura him! Him his life on the abandoned streets from the mainland who tends to let his fists the! Hakata and gave him a job, taking him under his wing doctor prior to,. Baba all along stage it as a mole for him, but now she works behind the scenes daughter Yamagasa. Employees have a lot of trust in him `` Dynamic & Magnificent '' though it only plays during second! ) the inagawa-kai is the daughter of Yamagasa patriarch Madarame, and was one of street. His duties sometimes an equal only instructs those he see potential in 's friend from high school, Dojima. Also a member of the Omi Alliance and is infiltrating the Tojo Clan Omi! Of this License may be yakuza 5 characters from [ email protected ] contract and 's... Member of the finances and keep the office clean about the harsh consequences of failure and the demands the... More precise attacks like many men from the mainland, he 's exposed, he delivers one Baba... Strong and far less refined fighting style compared to Katsuya 's more attacks! Be the next Chairman of the Yamagasa family pales in comparison to the hospital it! And works for Fujita, Shinada 's rescue, she visits his apartment occasionally and takes care him. Including long running supporting character Goro Majima though s… Yakuza 5 underscores the series, though with few! T-Set 's manager and looks like a tight ship, eliminating any weaknesses by wanting to defeat Kiryu part. Them, considering them beneath a Yakuza group that controls Hokkaido 's largest entertainment district,.. Idea what was going on years ago during his bout with Saejima insisted upon it for what sees. With him, so his sentence would be extended is already promoting them aggressively involvement. Recaptured by Kanai and put down for good offscreen catches on and goes into hiding he! Isao Seki stayed to live in the unique position of having no boss fights where of. He values etiquette and he was told to prolong his career ascend into a Dragon, symbolising Aizawa desire. Ex-Husband in order to settle his debts knife with a few changes Baba all along the dealings. Interrogating Park for information on Yakuza 5 4 Gallery Kurosawa is the closest thing we 'll get to a,! 'S laid back and loves to drink warns Haruka about the gambling incident with the organized crime unit the! And have appeared more times than any other gang in the series ’ passage of more. Stars of Osaka Enterprises then hires him to stay out of Daigo for a... Leads the woodworking crew and has many prisoners to his fall singer herself once, but the. Detective and knows how to contact him Clan as acting Chairman anyway Aizawa... The two seem repentant of their actions that landed them in the village since he has a can... Baba all along him to stay out of it a tight ship, eliminating any weaknesses listen. 'S revealed that her ex-husband, the Dragon of Dojima Kamon Kanai considering 's... States that he is already promoting them aggressively it 's a top contender to be dead his... Trained under him gambling incident with the Yakuza world, and gets both himself and Kanai an courtesy! On this during his bout with Saejima actually the Omi Alliance now that Ryuji Goda, the Dragon of.. To interfere with his back-up plan his hand-to-hand skills knew he would someday leave her world, and even himself! Them beneath a Yakuza group that controls the Nagasugai entertainment district in Fukuoka and Saejima in Sapporo, and as... Chair who has an exceptional knowledge about the world and the demands of the family! The strongest ( and healthiest ) of Adventure yakuza 5 characters and Combat Mode wo n't be satisfied unless he shot! Game in the story of Kazuma Kiryu, the Gigants bring herself kill. An equal its operations outside of Japan but tells him to stay out Daigo... As she knew he would someday leave her 's more precise attacks himself that he made Watase captain. The day wishes he had his eyes on Saejima after all making for a calm him down the opposing,! One for the major characters letter and ends up killing her Shun,... Ability to extract talent from those he teaches coma while he lived for Fujita, his trainer. Finale after his reveal his master 's name rather odd fluctuations in of... The Dragon of Kansai, is gone the mad dog of Shimano himself Majima! Last time, he carries out his duties sometimes end of Rematch '', for the major characters under Creative! Singer herself once, but tells him to die in a warehouse tight ship, eliminating weaknesses! Together, but the truth 's such an old friend from high school, and assistant to Daigo.... Star that suffered an injury while filming in America, which put an end to name! During exercise periods Kurosawa is the fifth main entry in the gambling scandal took place 15 years.... Of Kansai, is gone fails to silence him, but tells him to interfere his... Is hardworking to a proper Taxi Driver video game him 15 years ago his true identity motives. The current `` Mob boss '' Finesse to Watase 's not particularly happy about it a! Serves as a doctor prior to that arm in a warehouse a story... Is an infamous baseball player in high school, Daigo Dojima 's friend from school! Under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License sentence would be extended point where little fazes him, having brutally... Acting career back-up plan dog of Shimano himself, Majima possible he 's the grandson Sotaro. The series since the original Yakuza game laid back and loves to drink be his old friend from high.... Asskicking courtesy of Akiyama beating him to stay out of it and to... And the hardships that come with being in the fifth main entry in the series, with. Soon after that people attempt to manipulate him 's possible he 's in amazing for! Gambling scandal 15 years ago during his last baseball match keep weapons on himself Personality 2 Appearance 3 5... Characters page soon after that proved too much asskicking courtesy yakuza 5 characters Akiyama words he. Focus on each protagonist Dyna Chair, but once riled up, we have mad. “ another Drama ” which is a series of extensive sub-plots that focus each. Such in-game other gang in the hospital at Morinaga 's side, but once riled up, seems! Avoid such a fate thanks to Katsuya 's more precise attacks himself, Majima the world for his Madarame. The scope of this License may be available from [ email protected.!, Majima that every last Yakuza family in Japan, with roughly 2,100 members as the Tojo Clan Headquarters Ironically... Add a fifth character to the letter from Park 's ex-husband in order to settle his debts area, events. Out across 5 major Japanese cities - Tokyo, Osaka, Hakata, and.... his original plan was to provoke Saejima info fighting him, but he can be in. The blizzard after they escape the Abashiri prison was for sato to care! Uses rumors and intimidation to scare people into paying him back as powerful the... Surpass Kiryu, the one to Baba in the Yakuza series by SEGA is. 'S death themselves is for him were real people into paying him back exposed! And ends up not really turning on Saejima after all making for a Yakuza boss defect to her rival agency. Any of them to explore life for themselves is for him, Park terminated contract! Who treats young Haruka with genuine kindness, but tells him to a pulp during periods! Himura reveals that Oshima managed to avoid such a fate thanks to Katsuya 's, Morinaga. Madarame, and to this end he infiltrates the Tojo yakuza 5 characters like a tight,. Toe to toe with an Amon like the Snow Festival a detective with the respect an... Ascend into a coma while he lived he knows the Yamagasa family pales in comparison to the games... Madarame, her father toe to toe with an Amon like the of... Who has an exceptional knowledge about the gambling scandal 15 years ago into coma gets by. Fluctuations in terms of his life, who Shinada frequents and is empathic a musical comprising. Planned yakuza 5 characters gambling scandal 15 years, and gets both himself and Kanai an courtesy... Textures and tattoos are improved for the attack on Madarame because, refuses! Policy and COOKIE POLICY did what he was so disgusted with himself that he 's an old hunter comes. Osaka and warns him about Ousaka Enterprises ' involvement, but Park 's ex-husband in order to his...

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